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arrive on(首次)出现;抵达(某地),前面有个first,强调首次。 —— 沃尔得国际英语“沃尔得多元学习法”,结合了全球知名的英语学习系统开发者和领导者——培生出版教育集团和德国DP教育集团的英语学习软件,其产品风靡全球,成为中国英语培训业全新...

get to 1.arrive at;reach the point of 到达;触及 *The boat will only get you to the nearest island,and you have to make your own way from there.这只小船只能把你带到最近的一个岛屿,你得从那儿再自己走。 *We must get to the bo...

After you arrive, I will take you to the island nearby. We can go swimming, climbing and running. After that, we will go and try ...

当我第一次到达这的时候 我什么都没有

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